Monday, 30 December 2013

its a new beginning

bismillah, assalamualaikum... ^w^

this is my first post of the new blog of mine.. previously i had a blog, its called "By Me" at ,, But,,, my sister accidently change something about the settings of my blog, suddenly, i cant open my blog, i mean, i can read it, but i cant edit, post or what ever my own blog. well, thanks to her, now i'm creating a new blog with new dawn , new way, new all... its not because tommorrow is new year, its just, i feel like i want to... hehe ^.^

so, as a first post, i'll just introduce myself. me,, the owner of this blog. want name? haha. siti okay? LOL... never used that name accept while hiding my identity... okay, enough all this. im a girl, lives in Malaysia. Im now 19 year old, few monts. born in 30th August 1994. thats a day before Malaysia's Independence Day. hmmm....... what else? i like surfing the webs, eat, watch videos (funny one) , hmm.... i love cartoons, i like to draw, sing, i can play certain instruments, such as guitar, piano, keyboard, recorder, and angklung... well, its nothing acctually, i inherited these talents from my father who plays music when he's young. he played guitar in his band. well yeah, he had a band. called "The Flint". haha, long long time ago..... only few old mans know that band~ :P okay, what else??? i like music very much. i like karaoke, i like singing along while playing guitar, oh yeah! i like plants too!!! so much! i had a plant that i'm taking care on it. named Fitto. well, its acctually a fittonia red.. i just called it fitto.. hehe.... hmmm, i like to read, some short stories with genre independent. (buku2 tak bertapis) else.... hmm...... i think thats all. i sometimes like to be fashionable, depend on my mood and my money... heheh,,, i love love love accessories. rings, watches, bangle, bracelet, keychains, hmm, anything beauty on behalf of my eyes lahh senang... hahaha. ape lagi ek? ntah, haa! im just a village girl, (aku anak kampung... tp ada pelajaran keyhh... wahahaha:P) i love nature, i like looking at the sky, i like write poems, i ......... hm,,, i am i~ okay??? :D

i love furry animals, i love animals, accept spiders, and other crawly things, i like movies and so on.... sudah cukup cukup sudah, cukup sampai di sini saja, dah. banyak aku merepek kan, haha... okeh. so i think this is enough kott for introductory???? ;) 

ok bai~ see ya later, maybe few minutes after (creating other post) :P 

buhbye! ;*

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