Thursday, 13 August 2015


Bismillah, assalamualaikum...

Atas sebab gaya hidup aku yang mmg mcm ni(zombie sukarela)(erm ermm cuke cyanggatt!!), akan ada satu phase in a month which ill troubled by insomnia and itll last for a week. And now is the second day of those weeks. 

Ehh, lel. 

I guess itll help if ure on assignment esp an important ones on due dates, but if ure not, its quite disturbing actually.

 But so what? Just a week�...

 Of headace and mood swings and awkwardness and weirdestearnest-est? (the fuck am I writing? Ugh.) *Oh, cont.* of shitty ness of.. un managedness. Haha.

 After those ness ness, ill rejuvenate back into a total pessimist and super perfectionist (somehow lazy at times)woman to reevaluate things. Uknew? When u get enough sleep, ull wake up early and contemplate ur life once again. And just realize that ure living in a mess. Hairs everywhere, the laundrys were piling up, and whole area is a mess, 
that rejuvenating moment was the best times for me, when ure trying to restart or renew ur mess with better. Cuz currently im in that mess, by mess, imean laziness.

 And the cause are less sleepiness. 
Due too? Lifestyle? Which is I think is quite unhealthy? 
Heh. It is actually. VERY. Unhealthy. Pffttt.

 Megi almost daily, lappy+phone screen almost 23h per day. Sleep, urm...2-3h per day? Heh. I don't care. Bye

Dari duk melanguk hadap siling bilik ni baik la aku update blog . kan??
Bende nak cite banyak. Tapi nak taip. Malas
Nk conclude averything in short, 


Dah. Bye

Hahahaah.k. xlawak . yasmeen, kene pindah. Sbb die tuka kos so auto uia system buang die, and unfortunately, ade anonymous sign in comp. yasmeen.damn
Shit just fucked
Aku xnak. Ugh. Damnit

Xsaba nk start new sem
Sebab rindu
So, cuti sekadar buang waktu
Menanti tiba sem baru
Dalam 3 minggu

Hmm. Wang
Tidak mungkin tidak. pernah kah cukup? 
Risau? Penyakit datang dari hati. Penyakit hati aku
Risau lawannya yakin saja

Oh, aku exam jumaat depan. Doakan guys

I guess tu je kot
Oh, hope aku kuat sem depan. 21.5 ch/